Open house for all international visitors Date Published:

The leader team of Tianyan after some internal meetings has made a decision to transform the usual exhibition into an open house ceremony which would be more direct and effective for customers to have a complete view of the real situation of our company. In fact, we invited many customers from all around the world with hotels and dinners arranged. The visitors had understand much deeper Tianyan’s company profile, machines quality, design concepts, engineering, management systems and working processes. Through some open discussions, we understand better customers’ particular requests with personalized solutions offered, meanwhile, they understand more in detail the machine functions with technical explanation and operative demonstration.
The customers come from different geographic areas: China, East-Asia, Eastern Europe etc. They all have positive comments on Tianyan’s manufacture. Some of them have decided directly to purchase the machines and we went into the detail project solution stage.  
This open ceremony has concluded in an pleasant and comfortable environment successfully. It reached effectively both for Tianyan and customers’ visit aims. We had technical discussion and business negotiation in easy and multiple ways. We hope to increase our international market rapidly in the future.