Company decoration renewedDate Published:

Tianyan is growing up by time, after years, we are welcome to a renovation days of the facility. We caught the occasion to give Tianyan a new look. In the past years, we restructured the pipelines, sewage disposal system, other assets and equipments, now it’s time for a new image of Tianyan. The grey wall has been repainted and substituted with red style of IMA group in a beige background. It feels fresh and elegant in full passion and vitality.
Tianyan is always focused on the professionalism of the manufacture, we are an industry expertise and we keep improving the product quality and service as the most important responsibilities, after that, we will increase the sales marketing by expanding own product into the international market.
The company’s decoration is not only for employees to have a more comfortable working environment, at the same time it also offered our customers who were interested to come to visit us to feel like home. Every employee in Tianyan in fact is a member of this big family; we take care of each other, work together and live as good friends. We are ready to meet Tianyan for a rapid development in the coming future.